"You have an idea - we will process it!"


  • Designigning and short serial production of microprocessor controllers,
  • Designing embedded software,
  • PCB designing,
  • PC testing software,


Research and Development of automation systems. For serial production:

project gratis*.


  • Electric oven microprocessor control units
  • P,PI,PID regulators
  • High resolution measure systems PT100, PT500, PT1000 and thermocouples (resolution up to 0,01C),
  • Humidity and presure measure systems,
  • Wireless communications 433MHz and 866MHz band (communication range up to 3km point to point),
  • GSM communication (SMS and data GPRS),
  • TDR length line measure systems (up to 6km length cooper line),
  • Spread spectrum measurements FFT and MLS,
  • Big TFT and LCD display handling up to 10" diagonal with touchpads
  • Designing and production LED displays, 
  • Designing and production metal and plastic cover (using 3D printers)

*) gratis project conditions depends of amount of production and are fixed individually. 

To prepare a price offer - particolar user/service manual of designed project is required.